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Sale is Coming

Sale is coming. It is that time of the year… Fall Sale! love it or hate it! It depends of how you shop… Sale can be easy, fun and rewarding if you know what and when. Let’s explain this.

What? It refers to the pieces missing in your wardrobe and/or a new addition to it.

When? It refers to the time you shop during the sale season. There are 3 stages: pre-sale, official public sale and final markdowns. The discounts can go from 40-65% off the original prices.

Working these many years in this Fashion Industry especially in luxury goods, has taught me how, what and when to shop. Now, I would love to share some of my best practices during this time which it will save you time, money and energy invested! Also the merchandise will be in great condition ready for you to enjoy it!!

When you find on sale something that you love it's priceless


Purchase during Pre-sale time those pieces you have been dreaming about but you really didn’t feel like spending full price on them. I call them investment pieces! Most likely, these special styles won’t make it to the public sale. Example: a great black blazer with the latest fashion addition details, silk blouses, those amazing trousers that will take you from day to night without making an effort, that evening bag, the latest style color of shoes and boots.


Think about building a wardrobe! That is the whole point of spending a little extra! A wardrobe is built based on long lasting and timeless pieces that you can have for a very long time! Your basics should be always in presteigne condition.

Mainly, make sure you find the right sales specialist from your favorite store to let you know about pre-sale. That connection can give you that piece you have been dreaming about it the whole season!

Take advantage of good prices and good quality


Also, during pre-sale you can have your private appointment with your specialist that can walk you through and assist you with your unique needs.

Make last markdown purchases of pieces that you would like to add as extras in your closet and also very long lasting. For example: jeans, sneakers. By this time, the merchandise has been around for awhile with a harder treatment on the sale racks. You can get a great deal but also some other surprises like stains or rips that can cost you money and frustrations.

Have fun! And treat yourself! Clothes are part of who we are and how we express ourselves. Enjoy your additions of the new you.

On the sale season take advantage of the best prices of the clothes you were dream of

Mila Vargas

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